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  1. Tender Abdomen. Or abdominal tenderness, the abdomen is too sensitive to touch or to rub the belly. A tender abdomen can occur in both cats and dogs and can be indicative of a variety of health issues. However, some of the most common issues that can cause a tender abdomen in pets include peritonitis, hernias, cancer, stomach ulcers, intestinal parasites and bloat/5().
  2. Cancer in cats types, symptoms, prevention, and treatment. Webmd veterinary expert answers commonly asked questions about cancer in cats, including how common it is, what the symptoms are, and what the survival rate is. Intestinal tumors in cats and dogs pet cancer. Guide to canine intestinal cancer, stomach, anal and colorectal cancer.
  3. The PetCareRx Cat Gastrointestinal (Stomach) Health section lines your kitty's cat stomach with preventative care and treatment options to stop cat vomiting. Tapeworms are one type of parasite that can make a home out of your cat or dog. To keep your pet safe from the dreadful grip of tapeworm, take a look at these articles.
  4. Lipomas are among the most common types of tumors seen in dogs. A lipoma is a benign fatty mass that can be found anywhere on a dog's body, typically under the skin. They usually feel soft and moveable and rarely cause pain or discomfort for the dog.
  5. Mar 14,  · It’s fairly common for cats to latch on with their claws out when someone attempts to rub their belly. So, why do cats roll over on their backs if they don’t want their tummies rubbed? Unlike their canine counterparts, rolling over isn’t a submissive behavior for cats, it’s actually a defensive posture.
  6. Jul 14,  · my cats stomach is hard to the touch, and sensitive that he will bite me if i push on it. He just had a bowel movement 1hr ago approx. he still is eating and drinking this had been sinece the last 30 mins. and he sometimes crys.5/5(K).
  7. Nov 15,  · my cat's stomach is tender to touch (cries if i touch it). he is looking for food. he isn't crying, is walking around and rubbing up gently on my leg for food. can i wait about 8 hours to take him to the vet, or go there straight away?
  8. Updated 02/01/ Cat Grooming. Getty/Moment/Junichi Ishito is found to have a trichobezoar in the stomach or GI tract that is causing an obstruction and other health issues, surgery is indicated to remove it. Hairball Prevention. For general hairball prevention, regular grooming (I use the FURminator for my dogs and cats). If applicable.

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