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6 thoughts on “ I Dont Know - Randy Rhoads - Six String God (DVD)

  1. Jul 26,  · What gage strings did randy use on his '73/74 les paul? i mean for each string did he like to switch things up just list the gage he used for each string on his les paul Thankssssss!!!!!
  2. Oct 13,  · Being a huge Randy fan, I've had the whole After Hours segment on DVD since ' I saw the Blizzard tour in ' Changed my life. Soon after Randy was gone. I'm so glad they did this little show. Otherwise we would have almost nothing of Randy live with Ozzy.
  3. RANDY RHOADS Six String God Compilation – On DVD Six String God Compilation ? DVD Format: NTSC Source: Professional - Shot (Multi Mr. Crowley Crazy Train MTV's Best New Talent Award, Report About Randy Rhoads The Palladium' Performance, I Don?t Know Crazy Train Little Dolls The Starwood' Performance With.
  4. Rhoads would often sprinkle a solo with a flurry of pentatonic pull-offs such as those in FIGURE 1. Built from the A minor pentatonic scale (A-C-D-E-G), this lick is inspired both by the opening moments of the first solo in "Mr. Crowley" and by the fill just before the last verse of "I Don't Know."Author: Tom Kolb.
  5. Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne guitar) – Six String God After Hours – Rochester NY. 4/28/ I Don’t Know Suicde Solution Ozzy Interview Mr Crowley Crazy Train MTV’S Best New Talent Award THE PALLADIUM THEATER – NEW YORK NY. 5/2/ I Don’t Know Crazy Train Little Dolls The Starwood w/ Quiet Riot – Hollywood CA.

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